For The Love Of A Vamp

For The Love Of A Vamp
June 12th 2015
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This sexy story will make your legs quiver with desire!!! DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED! Amber is a sexy fairy bartender with zappy powers. Each night, she walks home alone, until a vampire begins to stalk her. Her senses tell her someone is following her or is it more than one person. On her way through a cemetery, Amber is ambushed by two murderous vamps. They want her delicious blood and are determined to get it. Her stalker, Troy, saves her but for mysterious reasons. Her blood tastes like honey and things are about to get dangerously steamy. Amber is enough to get a good vampire in a lot of trouble. Scroll Up to Download FREE now with Kindle Unlimited or click the orange buy button to start reading TODAY! *Standalone romance book with no cliffhangers inside!* JOIN OUR INSIDER’S CLUB TODAY TO GET FREE AMAZING ROMANCE OFFERS!! WARNING… This book contains hot and steamy adult situations. 18+ readers only!

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