Curing Adulthood

Curing Adulthood
August 28th 2015 by Punishment Publication
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Christina is determined to do the right thing. After discovering some inconsistencies in her company’s accounting practices, she talks to her boss. But there's a problem. Olivia makes it seem like this isn’t a big deal, like Christina should just drop it.

She doesn't want Christina to tell the truth. But since Christina is the kind of girl who sees the world only in terms of right or wrong, she tells her boss that she won't back down. Olivia doesn't seem pleased by the decision, but she dispatches Christina to visit one of their suppliers in a small country Christina has never even heard of. In fact, most people haven't heard of this tiny, Western European country. Once she arrives, Christina is greeted by a driver, a driver who sedates her and takes her to a very special clinic where she will be regressed. You see, Olivia couldn't convince Christina to back off, so now she will have this girl turned into a help little diaper slave, a toy to be used. Some secrets need to be kept. Meet Dr. Ethan Castle. He is charismatic, brilliant, and he specializes in altering young women. Normally, he helps girlfriends and wives become more submissive and pliant.

But now, he intends to cure this young woman of her adulthood. He wants to make sure that Christina surrenders completely. She will no longer be able to think for herself. She will no longer be able to resist. To accomplish his goals, Dr.

Castle has created a new treatment, one that involves specialized medications, relaxation techniques, restraints, and the application of strategic spankings. Christina might start out as a confident young woman, but she’ll be reduced to the status of a help diaper slave. She will obey any order from her doctor or nurse. From one day to the next, she is fed, diapered, changed, and constantly humiliated. Soon, she’ll carry around a little stuffed animal, she’ll crawl, and she’ll do whatever she's told. And in the end, if she's a very good girl, Dr. Castle will take her home. This 30,000 word story includes bondage, medical play, age play, diapering, mind control, enemas, and spanking.

All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18. This ebook includes a bonus story.

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