The Gods of Winter

The Gods of Winter
December 4th 2017
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The Good……The Hunter is one of the First, a being of legend from the dawn of time, possessing inhuman strength and the indomitable will of his people. Throughout history, his kind have protected humanity from the Gods of Winter, ineffably cruel creatures from another plane of existence, whose sole desire is the ultimate destruction of the Earth and all who live upon it. Many times, these evil entities have forced their way into our own realm, bringing with them deadly Ice Ages and the threat of extinction for all life on the planet; on each of these occasions, the First have repelled them, but the Hunter’s kin are dwindling in number, and the Cold Ones are as patient as they are malign. The Bad……..Stanek is Werekind, a shape-shifting monster and pawn of the Gods of Winter, tasked with paving the way for the return of his terrible masters. The key to opening the way between dimensions is the sacrifice of certain humans whose ancestors helped banish the Cold Ones centuries before. Stanek and his brethren are avidly slaughtering all whose bloodline is associated with that banishing in a final attempt to destroy our world.

The Ugly…… Val Kirk is suicidal. The disgraced former cop, hideously disfigured during his time in prison, is thinking of ending it all. Estranged from his wife, ostracised by erstwhile colleagues, and haunted by his past, he feels he is a consummate failure, unworthy of existence. These three figures are about become inextricably linked as circumstances force them to cross paths in a nightmare race against time with the fate of the world itself hanging perilously in the balance………….

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