How Was It For You?

How Was It For You?
February 5th 2008 by Gallery Books
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From the bestselling author of Did the Earth Move? comes a follow-up hit -- a sexy, honest, and wildly addictive novel about a couple grappling with the reality that making love doesn't always mean making babies. Not even when you want it to. After five years and every medical procedure possible, Pamela and Dave still haven't been able to get pregnant.

Their baby longing has become a dark cloud that hovers over their marriage, which is now so rocky that they need hiking boots just to negotiate dinner. It's probably not the best time for them to up and move out of London so that Dave can follow his dream of running an organic strawberry farm. Especially when Pamela's so vulnerable and their new neighbor is devastatingly handsome farmer Lachlan Murray. While Dave seems content to follow his bliss -- taking up weeding and becoming obsessed with manure -- Pamela's tempted to hitch a lift in Lachlan's 4 x 4 and ride off into the sunset. Although there is Lachlan's wife, Rosie, to consider. Pamela's London friends think she's gone insane -- contemplating infidelity with a farmer! -- but they don't know just how far she's prepared to go for a baby. Does she?

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