Handbook of Energetic Protection

Handbook of Energetic Protection
August 27th 2015 by De Verbinding
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In 2000 we published our first book on Energetic Protection. Over 25.000 copies are sold of the Dutch edition.

The result was an ever growing number of highly sensitive people coming to our praxis for help. Working with all these people, our insights in energetic protection deepened and we developed many new techniques, based on these insights. This book brings you the most helpful insights and effective exercises.

High sensitivity is a function of the aura and of the chakra´s. They are perceiving to much outwardly and often too little inwardly. The result is being to open to energetic impressions of other people and the environment and, often, not being able to feel yourself well. This book helps you to understand how this works and how you can reverse it: feeling impressions from the outer world and being more in contact with your own inner world. The concepts and exercises in this book are described in a very clear language that everybody can understand.

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