Anthony Gets More Than He Can Handle

Anthony Gets More Than He Can Handle
February 3rd 2015
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Warning: Sex Scenes When Jim goes over to his friends Mario's house leaving Anthony to find something to do on his own Anthony ends up getting himself into trouble with the next door neighbor when his neighbor Rob catches him skinny dipping. Anthony is alone and bored and invites him to come over and play with him. Starting out in the pool and then moving into the house Anthony thinks everything is going great until he has to tell Rob to stop. When Rob doesn't stop Anthony has to threaten to tell Rob's wife what he was doing over at his house. Rob leaves in a huff......mad......hoping to get his revenge on Anthony for being such a tease. Tags: Gay Erotica, MM, Gay Sex, Gay Romance, mm romance, mm romance alpha, mm erotica, Bisexual Erotica, bisexual men, bisexual erotic gay, gay fiction, gay erotica for men, gay books, gay fantasy, gay romance m m, gay romance mm

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