BORDER WALL: One Nation, Divisible

BORDER WALL: One Nation, Divisible
October 15th 2015
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What if the border wall was built and millions were rounded up and deported? A young rich man and a poor Hispanic woman fall in love and find themselves leading separate sides of the mass deportation of immigrants when the border wall with Mexico is built as promised by the new President. He was born rich. His father made the family fortune as a war profiteer. They got the inside track on building the wall and rounding up the illegals for the new president. She was a poor street kid who had worked her way up to working for the rich family. She went along to interpret for him. The trip to the fence brought back painful memories. She fell into his arms for one night. They parted when she wanted no part of the evil purpose. He dove further into the task of building the wall, rounding up people, holding them in camps, and deporting them. She became an activist. She ran an underground railroad to hide and keep her people free. He kept an eye on her as he betrayed his family in order to find a solution to the horrible problem.

She pushed the issue to the forefront when she debated the President and led a large protest. At the dedication of The Wall, the President lost it and ordered an attack on the peaceful protestors. The brutality was televised and the end of the man's career was imminent. He made the big deal. The deal that fixed everything. Made it right. The deal he hoped would bring her back. His father wanted to kill him. He had to leave. She waited. She found him. She convinced him his good could help him live with the evil.

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