Two Teachers

Two Teachers
February 19th 2011 by JJ Argus, via Smashwords
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Sabrina was a no-nonsense private investigator involved mainly in corporate fraud. Looking for a missing college girl is hardly her favorite type of work. Discovering the girl was into bondage makes her even more leery. She didn't consider herself a prude, but the high end leather shop owned by a seductive Englishman was as alarming as it was intriguing.

It was impossible not to imagine herself wearing some of the strange, dark fetish outfits it carried. And soon, seduced and persuaded, her body inflamed, Sabrina is plunging deeper into the world of bondage as she seeks to find the missing girl. At the hands of her new teacher, she finds herself losing her inhibitions and indulging her every dark passion. But while the Englishman was a gentle, delicious, and seductive man, the missing girl was being taught by an entirely different kind of teacher. And Sabrina needed to find her before she was reduced to little more than a sexual animal.

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