The Bed We Made

The Bed We Made
March 9th 2017
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Niecey, a discontented wife, goes on a vengeful mission seeking a man, any man, a stranger to give herself to for one night. Just to give her cheating husband a dose of how it feels. She sought a one night stand; but instead, stumbled upon a serendipitous situation. Nothing should have come from it, but it changed the dynamics of her marriage. A bed unmade… Niecey had always piqued his senses; just as much then as she does now. Although she is considered off limits, it doesn’t stop Asad from seizing the opportunity once it presents itself.

He could care about boundaries. But as bad as he wants her, he knows he could never have her. Two things prevent him from wanting more of her: One, he is about to go away to prison for a few years; and two, he knows she doesn’t want anything more. He understands that he was only something she needed for that night. Those few years have passed; and through familiar circumstances, they have to face one another again. Asad is a young arrogant tatted up diabolical thug known for his churlish disposition. His mouth is reck, his attitude sucks, and empathetic he is not. Niecey is an entrepreneur, beautiful, and well-off. She’s flawed, but has learned to love herself anyway. They’re not a likely pair, but those factors don’t matter much when they touch. The connection and unquestionable sexual chemistry between them turns their reunion into an ongoing carnal affair.

However, things take a turn in a direction Niecey wasn’t intending. The bed has been made… Neither can contend the interdependence that exists between them. Succumbing to its power, they can no longer deny love’s right to live. But how deep will Niecey let their situation get before she can no longer keep the truth away, and from hurting everyone she cherishes, including Asad? Now they must lie in the bed they’ve made…

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