The Cognitive Diary Method to Changing Your Life

The Cognitive Diary Method to Changing Your Life
April 2nd 2015 by Excel At Life, LLC
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Irrational beliefs lead to many life problems such as stress, anxiety, anger, depression, conflict in relationships among many other issues.

Don't feel hope about changing your life. Learn the methods shown in psychological research to be effective with changing your emotions/mood and behavior. The cognitive diary method uses the tools of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you recognize and challenge irrational thinking. This compilation of articles by Dr. Monica Frank, a clinical psychologist, explains cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and using the cognitive diary method to solve problems. This eBook can be used separately or as a reference tool for the Android app Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help by Excel At Life. Written in an easy to understand, straight-forward style, Dr. Frank explains the principles of CBT, why it works, and specific methods you can use to learn to manage anxiety. You are provided with specific tools to help change thinking and methods to reduce anxiety. Although these articles are also freely available on, this eBook provides greater convenience when used with your Kindle or Kindle app. Dr. Frank has provided services to individuals with anxiety, depressive, and stress-related disorders for over 25 years in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and is the founder of Excel At Life, LLC. Her current work through Excel At Life focuses on providing the public with tools and materials from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) which can aid in the pursuit of personal growth as well as an adjunct to treatment for anxiety, depression, and other disorders.

She draws on her clinical experience, scientific research, and training in the martial arts to create these tools and other materials which include articles, audios, and Android apps.

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