In Bed with the Badge: The Barbara Sheehan Story

In Bed with the Badge: The Barbara Sheehan Story
July 17th 2012 by Changing Lives Press
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In Bed with the Badge is this generation's Burning Bed. Ms. Joyce and her brother, Raymond, tell the bloodcurdling story of how their father, Ray Sheehan, a retired NYPD detective, turned wife-beating into an art form by utilizing the very tactics he was taught in the police force.

In a terrifying moment of kill or be killed, the authors' mother, Barbara Sheehan, shot her husband with his own weapon. Following the not guilty verdict of second-degree murder, Barbara Sheehan, was found "guilty" of possession of a second weapon and is awaiting appeal of that verdict.

The authors recount the details of the years of abuse their mother and they sustained at the hands of their father, and open up a dialogue about the controversial defense known as Battered Woman Syndrome.

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