Revelation 9:11

Revelation 9:11
June 30th 2012 by MediaGroup Management Inc
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Unravel the clues to a supernatural mystery and discover what will happen at the end of the world through the pages of this controversial 400-page supernatural novel. Based on ancient manuscripts including the books of Revelation, Enoch and the Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch, it flashes back and forth between the centuries to a stunning andunforgettableending.

Discover why the eccentric Roman Catholic priest Benjamin Price was silenced bytheVatican. Enter the mind of Abaddon - Destroyer of the Old Testament and AngeloftheAbyss. Solve the mystery of the unusual Native woman found on a rocky beach with her bodystainedred. Live through shipwrecks, dramatic escapes, supernatural battles and executionsbyfire. Locate the living, time, fog-bound Island at the very edge ofNorthAmerica. Confront the Archangel Michael - warrior PrinceoftheSeraphim. Experience a vision of Heaven and a clash between celestial beings in the depths oftheAbyss. Uncover the reason for the penance imposed on the possessed cleric, EtienneD Entremont. Meet Nazi Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler who is obsessed with the mythicalNephilimPortal. Sail on Reprisal and Nicholas with pirate Edward Bailey and the lust-obsessed BernardLaRoque. Conspire to topple a throne with the Duc D Antin, first cousin to Louis, KingofFrance. Meet the children of an angel and find out why one loves him and the other hates everything hestandsfor, and learn why we are all moving inexorably to the final event in world history and TheDestinyOfTheHumanRace."

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