Wiccamica: A Masque, presented in New Hall, Winchester College

Wiccamica: A Masque, presented in New Hall, Winchester College
1961 by Winchester College
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PRE-ISBN A Masque of the history of Winchester College from its first beginnings, in three acts, written by Michael Langley Burchnall (see obit. at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obitu...), which was produced and presented at New Hall, Winchester College, England, June 24th, June 26th-July 1st, 1961. "... A masterly sonneteer, and an extremely accomplished writer of occasional verse, he could turn out witty and unforced pieces to order, and in double-quick time. His greatest triumph in this vein was the Masque which he conjured up for the opening of the new School Hall in 1961. While this entertainment was for the most part a light-spirited excursion through the school's history, Burchnall showed himself equally capable in moments of deeper emotion - as when the Man in Black appeared before the war cloister to plead, in spare and urgent verse, that he should never again be invited to Winchester. So the audience was moved as well as amused, and the Masque passed into Wykehamical legend.

Only the author's innate modesty and humility remained unaffected. ..." ACT ONE: Prologue; Scene 1: The Building of the College; Scene 2: The Reading of the Statutes; Scene 3: A Distant Prospect of Eton College; Scene 4: Tableau on the Theme 'Amicabilis Concordia'. ACT TWO: Prologue; Scene: Ad Portas and Rebellion. ACT THREE: Scene 1: The Public Schools Commissioners, 1862; Scene 2: Visitors; Scene 3: The Return of the Panels. EPILOGUE and FINALE. Note: The music was composed and adapted by Christopher Cowan.

The Masque was produced by Ronald Hamilton.

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