Bridge to Alta Vista

Bridge to Alta Vista
November 20th 2017 by Gerald Thompson
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When you think you don’t have anything to lose, you’ll risk it all not to lose what you have. Billie Jensen has anger issues. Growing up in prison among societies than stellar citizens, fighting for his dignity and his very life has given Billie a lot to be angry about. He’d like to blame it on his past: An abusive stepfather, an absent mother, being sent to prison for escaping a living hell the only way he knew how. But Doctor Scott, the prison therapist, knows better. After taking Billie under her wing, he comes to realize he has choices. And when Billie meets the beautiful and seductive Suneda – a runaway from the remote Costa Rican village of Alta Vista – he wants to start to make better ones. But when Suneda is threatened by a local drug lord, El Sanguinio, Billie has to do something, so he plans a daring escape and the two make their way through the perilous Costa Rican rainforest with both the law and El Sanguinio on their heels only to find out they are more connected to each other than they could have ever known. Bridge to Alta Vista takes you on a daring escape and roller coaster thrill ride that leaves you hanging until the very end.

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