Unjustly Accused

Unjustly Accused
November 2008 by Phaze Books
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In 1873 Arizona, were fox Kenny Hawkins is in a world of trouble. Accused of embezzling from the bank he works at, Kenny is on the run. There's only place to go, the town he grew up in. Kenny hides out in the caves near Crystal Springs, trying to heal from being shot. Unfortunately, Silas Everett, the owner of the bank and real embezzler, is hot on Kenny's trail. When he's discovered by his old childhood friend, and teenage infatuation, Nigel Garrett, Kenny finds the love he has always been looking for. But he also realizes nobody will accept the relationship between two men. Kenny has the proof to clear his name, and he takes the chance to return to Gold City. Will he be able to reveal the truth before Everett or the were tribe catch up to him? And even if his name is cleared, what chance does he have to be with Nigel in a world where men simply don't belong together?

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