Silver Blood: Scorpio

Silver Blood: Scorpio
December 5th 2015 by Smashwords Edition
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Silver Blood - Scorpio Imagine a time when the Arctic ice sinks. In the snow, Scorpio brings you the battle of the last mage tribe in Greenland and a Silver Blood soldier on his first mission. Power. Intelligence. Determination. Caedmon has it all. But there is one critical quality he doesn’t have: experience. Scorpio is the third installment of Silver Blood – a supernatural thriller series that will take you to different corners of the multiverse and stimulate your imagination.

Read the book and enjoy the ride. Silver Blood complete series 1-6 Virgo 2-6 Libra 3-6 Scorpio 4-6 Taurus 5-6 Pisces 6-6 Gemini

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