East End Honour

East End Honour
November 10th 2012
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Jason Frasier grew up in the East End and was always told to look out for his younger brother. He did this willingly and could never see in Vincent what others could see, that he was a thoroughly nasty piece of work. The two boys were so very different, Vincent had a jealous streak and what he wanted he usually got. Jason on the other hand was kind and loving and gave in to his brothers demands. Vincent had a knack of dragging his brother into all manner of dodgy schemes, which is how they ended up on the wrong side of Freddie Gant, the notorious local gangster and how one of the brothers would pay the ultimate price. East End Honour takes the reader into a world that they would not normally venture and chronicles the lives of a family that are to be torn apart by a chance decision that one of the brothers would regret for the rest of his life.

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