The Grandkids: A Christmas Story

The Grandkids: A Christmas Story
October 8th 2015 by Lowry Publishing
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Fifteen year old Marshall Brooks is faced with a teenager’s nightmare, Christmas Day at Grandma’s house. He is forced to go by his father, a man who hangs on tradition like a kid to his mother. At Grandma’s, Marshall has to visit his cousins, all precocious pre-school terrorists influenced by television. Led by six year old Joey, they have active imaginations and an unfathomable hatred of Marshall. Hidden from adult eyes, the Grandkids wage war on Marshall, beating him up, tying him up, wearing him down. He tries to tell their parents, his Dad, but no one believes him. They’re just kids, they couldn’t be that bad.

Marshall escapes the house for a brief respite. He meets the neighbor’s granddaughter, Crystal. They form an instant bond. Grandma invites them back into the house for hot chocolate.

Marshall doesn’t want to go, he’s afraid something might happen to Crystal. It does. She’s kidnapped by the Grandkids, who hold her hostage in the toy room. Marshall has to free her, and fight their way to freedom. He’s never stood up for himself, not to the Grandkids, not to his Dad. But for Crystal, he will.

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