Charming The Bundle (The Magic Book The Complete Series)

Charming The Bundle (The Magic Book The Complete Series)
February 16th 2018
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Ordinary guy Gideon makes extra money in college by working at a used bookstore, but the frustration is starting to get to him. His boss is a gorgeous older woman who loves to tease him, flaunting her MILF curves and gym-perfect body to get him to do all sorts of extra work. And the naughty, teasing cheerleader he works with is even worse! She does nothing but lounge around all day flaunting her body, and loves to remind Gideon that she's so far out of his league that he'd never have a chance with her! But when Gideon is assigned to dig through the collection of an occult bookseller looking for rare gems, he finds something that will change his life forever! An ancient grimoire of spells that once belonged to an alpha male sorcerer, built around one thing - turning women into brain, submissive bimbos who live to serve in his harem of babes! Soon Gideon is doing things with his coworkers that have only happened in his fantasies. But will he be satisfied with having these two beauties at his beck and call, or will he want more? Charming the Bundle is the complete five-volume series detailing Gideon's journey from ordinary nerd to Master of a swinging harem full of submissive, fertile babes! It contains themes of bimbofication, bimbo transformation, hypnosis, mind control, as well as MF and MFF scenes. 18+ only!

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