Facebook + Email = Success (ABCs Plus Basics for Websites)

Facebook + Email = Success (ABCs Plus Basics for Websites)
August 13th 2011 by NightFire Publications
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This book is a guide on how to make money on Facebook by combining fan pages with email marketing. *This is a transcript of a roundtable discussion between affiliate marketing experts and facebook experts* Three of the four have spoken at the largest conference focused on affiliate marketing in the US, Affiliate Summit. Dave Cupples traveled from Australia to New York City to speak, and has now spoken around the world. Affiliate ABCs hosts Deborah Carney and Vinny O’Hare were joined by Dave Cupples of Fat Cow Business and David Iwanow of The Lost Agency to discuss marketing through Facebook and email. Information packed pair of podcasts that anyone considering using Facebook advertising should listen to. This ebook is the transcript of two podcasts with authorities in the Facebook Advertising and newsletter promotions business. This is not a book that is "selling" anything, this is truly and educational ebook. Some notes from the book: Engage first then try to sell based on engagement. Don't just try to sell. Direct traffic to own site, not direct to merchant so that you can capture visitor information and build loyalty. Facebook ads allow you to build a community that you can continue to market to. Give value first in social media. Excellent information plus a great case study mentioned below. There is much more valuable information available in this 20 page ebook. It is full of actionable information that you can apply right away, with a comprehensive resource page at the end.

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