The CRPG Book Project

The CRPG Book Project
February 5th 2018
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The CRPG Book Project is a collaborative, nonprofit project created to compile the history of Computer Role-Playing Games into an accessible and educative volume. The book was written by volunteers from all continents, ages and walks of life: developers, journalists, modders, critics, scholars and fans, but also parents, couples, grandfathers, doctors, teachers, engineers, businessmen, etc. The purpose of the project is to spread our passion for this great genre, sharing knowledge that is currently scattered across count forums, magazines, websites and minds. The book covers CRPGs from 1975 to 2015, plus contains several articles, mod recommendations, developer quotes and interesting trivia, in an effort to create a guide that will have something to offer to old-school veterans and new players alike. The full v1.0.4 release of the CRPG Book:

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